The Raleigh Sports Club

About Us

The Raleigh Sports Club was originally established in 1964 as a local sports club with 12 members who loved sports and wanted to recognize athletic and academic achievement on several levels. The RSC has grown to more than 250 members and holds weekly Wednesday luncheon meetings from September through March. Here members have the opportunity to hear from some of the most influential college and professional sporting figures first hand. A local high school student athlete is honored at the weekly meetings. In the spring, at the Annual Banquet, multiple scholarships are awarded to deserving student athletes who do not receive athletic scholarships. The Club also recognizes a high school coach/mentor with a Distinguished Service Award. These awards are coordinated through Athletic Directors at Wake County High Schools.

The weekly Wednesday meetings are held in Bradley Hall at Highland United Methodist Church, 1901 Ridge Rd., Raleigh, at the corner of Lake Boone Trail, just inside the I-440 Beltline. The meeting is from Noon to 1:00 pm, but the buffet lines open to our delicious Southern Buffet at 11:30 am. Join us for good food, good fellowship, and a lot of sports talk!!

2020-21 Officers

President - Robert Hinson
Vice President - Nicholas Hulsey
Second Vice President - Don Ledford, Jr.
Secretary - John Gladwin
Assistant Secretary - Darrell Dennis
Treasurer - Vince Matal
Sergeant at Arms - Lubin Prevatt

Board Members

Pete Benda
Robert Birch
Bob Kennel
Ed Moore
Rick Ulasewich
John Watkins
Chaplain - John Robinson Bookkeeper - Pat Holcomb
Past President - Carol Pope

You will need to enter the Raleigh Sports Club ID and Password that has been provided to all members in weekly emails for submitting a question or suggestion via the "Contact Us" tab. This is the same ID/Password which permits you to view the Sports Club roster via the "Current Members" tab. If you need help, please contact board member Pete Benda ( or 919-622-9134). The Raleigh Sports Club roster is provided for the personal and private use of members only and is not permitted for delivery of commercial, political, or other undesireable messages or solicitations.

A Brief History of the Raleigh Sports Club

It all began on January 22, 1964 when twelve people interested in promoting and supporting athletics within the city of Raleigh met and organized our club. The charter members were: Al Ballard, Lou Bello, Duma Bledsoe, Jimmie Chambers, J.E. Cotton, Willie Duke, Charles Gesino, Art Ingram, Earl T. Jones, Jim Lewis, Al Proctor, and Al Wadford.

Officers and board members were elected at the next meeting, the current name was selected the following month, and a schedule of twice monthly buffet luncheons was soon established. The move to Ballantine's in Cameron Village came in 1965 and provided the club's home base for more than 30 years. Famous early speakers included former heavyweight boxing champ, Ezzard Charles, legendary Wake Forest coach Peahead Walker, Red Grange, Otto Graham, and Stan Musial. In its second year, the club had grown to more than 100 members, meetings moved to weekly on Wednesdays, the custom of honoring outstanding local high school student-athletes was begun, and an annual end of season banquet was established which was called "Ladies Night" to encourage members to bring their spouses.

Raleigh Sports Club Leadership History

Abbreviated to four officer positions due to space limitations. (Full listing of all officers, board members, chaplains and bookkeepers is available upon request.)

Year President Vice President Secretary Treasurer
2019-20 Carol Pope Nicholas Hulsey Robert Hinson Vince Matal
2018-19 Carol Pope Carol Pope Robert Hinson Gary O'Neill
2017-18 Greg Pierce Bob Jones Ron Shoulars Greg Pierce
2016-17 Greg Pierce Bob Jones Ron Shoulars Greg Pierce
2015-16 Greg Pierce Bob Jones Larry Smith Greg Pierce
2014-15 Greg Pierce Bob Jones? Larry Smith Greg Pierce
2013-14 Paul Bock Greg Pierce Larry Smith Greg Pierce
2012-13 Katherine Lowman Paul Bock Larry Smith Robert Powell
2011-12 Ken Nye Katherine Lowman Larry Smith Robert Powell
2010-11 Ward Marslender III Ken Nye Larry Smith Robert Powell
2009-10 Darrell Dennis Ken Nye Larry Smith Robert Powell
2008-09 Mike Bowden Ward Marslender III Larry Smith Robert Powell
2007-08 Jeremy DeFalco Mike Bowden Greg Sakas Mary Ann Lambert
2006-07 Henry Glascow Jeremy DeFalco Greg Sakas Joe Donaldson
2005-06 Henry Glascow Rick Stallings Jerry Brecker Joe Donaldson
2004-05 Mike Lawson Miller Lawson Rick Stallings Henry Glascow
2003-04 Bob Pope Mike Lawson Penn Shore Henry Glascow
2002-03 Bob Pope Kevin Currin Michael Lawson Henry Glascow
2001-02 Ted Banoff Bob Pope Kevin Currin Michael Lawson
2000-01 David Watson Ted Branoff Bob Pope Henry Glascow
1999-00 Clete McLaurin David Watson ? ?
1998-99 Shannon Rouse Clete McLaurin David Watson Tom Childrey
1997-98 John Reid Shannon Rouse Clete McLaurin David Watson
1996-97 Ken Lawson, Jr John Reid Robert Birch Shannon Rouse
1995-96 Tommy Moorman Ken Lawson, Jr John Reid John Emerson
1994-95 Robert Birch Tommy Moorman Walter Rak Ken Lawson, Jr
1993-94 Shelly Fogel Robert Birch Tom Moorman Footsie Furr
1992-93 John Hatcher Peanut Doak Robert Birch Footsie Furr
1991-92 Doug Byrd John Hatcher Shelly Fogel Footsie Furr
1990-91 Bob Drake Doug Byrd Shelly Fogel Footsie Furr
1989-90 Bill Conner Bob Drake Mike Forrest Footsie Furr
1988-89 Bill Puckett Bill Conner Mike Forrest Bob Drake
1987-88 Bob Brooks Bill Conner Susan Frost Bob Drake
1986-87 Louis Melcher, Jr Bob Brooks Bill Connor Peanut Doak
1985-86 Richard Heidgerd Bill Puckett Bill Connor Peanut Doak
1984-85 Gene Jones Richard Heidgerd David Shearon John Hodges
1983-84 Julian Ford Gene Jones Richard Heidgerd Russell Senter
1982-83 Ned Vanstory Julian Ford Fred Cooper Gene Jones
1981-82 Harry Clody Henry Barnette, Jr Bob Brooks Gene Jones
1980-81 Alton Russell Harry Clody Bob Brooks Rocky Covington
1979-80 Henry Turlington Alton Russell Bob Brooks Rocky Covington
1978-79 Leonard Morton Henry Turlington Roger Honeycutt Pat Schell
1977-78 Hugh Stone Neil Vanstory III Leonard Morton Pat Schell
1976-77 Bruce McDaniel Hugh Stone Leonard Morton Johnny Holmes
1975-76 Harold Wall Bruce McDaniel Leonard Morton Johnny Holmes
1974-75 Sam Hudson Harold Wall Leonard Morton Johnny Holmes
1973-74 Gene Rairden Sam Hudson Leonard Morton Johnny Holmes
1972-73 Bill Garrabrant Gene Rairden Leonard Morton Johnny Holmes
1971-72 Basil Sherrill Bill Garrabrant Jimmie Chambers Johnny Holmes
1970-71 George Turner Basil Sherrill Jimmie Chambers Johnny Holmes
1969-70 Bob Wills Basil Sherrill Jimmie Chambers Johnny Holmes
1968-69 Vic Fisher George Turner Jimmie Chambers Johnny Holmes
1967-68 Nick Pond Vic Fisher Jimmie Chambers Johnny Holmes
1966-67 Nick Pond Bill Lyda Jimmie Chambers Johnny Holmes
1965-66 Bill Gibson Nick Pond Jimmie Chambers Johnny Holmes
1964-65 Bill Gibson C.A.Dillon, Jr./Bill Jackson Jimmie Chambers Charles Gesino
1964 Joe Murnick C.A.Dillon, Jr./Bill Jackson Jimmie Chambers Charles Gesino

Sports Club Programs for 2019-2020

January 08, 2020
Rick Steinbacher,
UNC-Chapel Hill, Sr. Associate Athletic Director

January 15, 2020
Mark Gangloff,
UNC-Chapel Hill, Head Swim Coach

January 22, 2020
John Danowski,
Head Lacrosse Coach, Duke University

January 29, 2020
Jeff Daniels,
Assistant Coach, Carolina Hurricanes

February 05, 2020
Elliott Avent,
NC State University, Head Baseball Coach

February 12, 2020
Mike Fox,
UNC-Chapel Hill, Head Baseball Coach

February 19, 2020
Mike Houston,
East Carolina University, Head Football Coach

February 26, 2020
Joe Kremer,
Carolina Mudcats, VP & General Manager

March 4, 2020
Dre Bly,
UNC-Chapel Hill, Assistant Football Coach

March 11, 2020
Mike Minter,
Campbell University, Head Football Coach

March 18, 2020 - CANCELLED
Dave Doeren,
NC State University, Head Football Coach

March 25, 2020 - CANCELLED
David Cutcliffe,
Head Football Coach, Duke University