The Raleigh Sports Club

Featured Members

Gary O'Neill, 2019

Gary O'NeillWe've all gotten to enjoy the friendly smile and warm greeting we receive each week from our Treasurer, Gary O'Neill, as he hands us our plate and pick sheet. I'll bet you may have already figured out that our most international board member was born in Canada, eh? Read more!

Pete and Judy Benda, 2018

Pete and Judy BendaIt is my pleasure to introduce the "Featured Couple" of the week - Pete and Judy Benda. They have been happily married for 54 years, and they are a fascinating couple! Pete currently serves on our Board of Directors and is a long-time member, since 1992. Judy, has attended frequently with Pete over the years, and she has been a member herself for the past five years. Read more!

The Brannock Family: Ed, Cyndi, Bud, Mike, 2018

Greg PierceIt has been a part of our weekly programs to often feature a Raleigh Sports Club member of the week, but I don't think we've ever before done a Featured Family of the week. Well, today we are recognizing the Brannock family, who regularly attend and sit together at a rear table near the buffet line. Pictured from left to right are Mike, Ed and Cyndi. Bud was not available for the photo. Read more!

Bob Jones, 2018

Greg PierceMost of us have known Bob Jones by the eloquent and oft times witty introductions he has provided for our weekly speakers. Bob was our Vice President and Program Chairman for three years and has continued setting up our weekly programs this year from his new home in Charlotte. That means that he has does much more than provide introductions for our speakers – he also identifies candidates, contacts, invites and schedules them, and would then hosts them at our luncheons until turning that responsibility over to Carol Pope this season. Bob has done a magnificent job of keeping the quality, diversity and entertainment of our meetings at a high level. His position has allowed him to know personally many of the outstanding sports figures from our area. Now, it's time for us to know a bit more about Bob, our Featured Member for this week. Read more!

Carol Pope, 2018

Carol PopeCarol Pope has been a sports fan as long as she can remember. Growing up in High Point she played basketball, baseball and touch football with the neighborhood boys. She turned her energies to cheering for them when she got to high school. Cheerleading was the perfect activity for an encourager like Carol who "strives to always help others make their dreams come true." Read more!

Greg Pierce, 2017

Greg Pierce Greg Pierce is a lifelong sports fan who has been an active leader of the Raleigh Sports Club since 1999. He has served as club president and treasurer for the past four years after previously gaining experience on the Board of Directors where he significantly upgraded our website, produced an introductory video, and helped improve the administration of our club records. Read more!

John Robinson, 2017

John Robinson We all know John Robinson as the Raleigh Sports Club Chaplain who leads us each week in the pledge of allegiance to our flag and then blesses our meal and our time together. John has been serving us all in this capacity for the past six years. He earned the position because he once filled in so admirably for the pastor of this church. John has been a long time member of Highland United Methodist church and has been a regular Sports Club attendee for more than 10 years. When I asked what John's qualifications were for serving as our chaplain, he answered simply, "I know how to pray." Read more!

Rick Ulasewich, 2017

Rick Ulasewich We've all gotten to know Rick Ulasewich from the terrific job he does hosting and introducing our student-athletes each week at Sports Club. Rick loves our club and his board assignment. He has been a regular attendee at our meetings for 16 seasons and has been the host of our student-athletes now for more than five years. It permits him to personally get to know so many fine young people from our community and he loves helping with the recognition of their achievements. Now it's time for us to know a bit more about Rick. Read more!

John Reid, 2013

John ReidOur Featured Member this week is a fan of Western Carolina and UNC Chapel Hill. John grew up in the small community of Pilot Mountain, North Carolina. He tells his grandchildren that he is so old that the Mountain was a lot smaller when he was growing up. Read more!

A. J. Carr, 2012

A.J. CarrAJ Carr was raised in Wallace, NC, and played football, basketball and baseball in high school. He was a P.E. major at Guilford College but did not play varsity sports. While in school he got a start in his sports writing career by helping the Athletic Department in their sports information division and also working part time at the Greensboro Daily Record. Read more!

Bill Clarke, 2012

Bill ClarkeOur Featured Member this week is a Wake Forest fan. He enrolled there at age 17, and upon graduation began his career in the Air Force. Bill became a fighter pilot, flying F-86 Sabrejets in places like Michigan, England, Germany, Denmark and Italy. Read more!

Darrell Dennis, 2012

Darrell DennisDarrell Dennis was reared in and around Asheville, NC, and loves to tell stories about his grandfather – a moonshiner, a Baptist Preacher, a railroader, and evidently a darn good carpenter. When a new highway came through Asheville, grandpa's house was in the right of way. He made a deal with the city, took the house apart one piece at a time, and then reassembled it a few miles away! Read more!

Larry Smith, 2011

Larry SmithOur Featured Member of the week grew up an avid NC State fan, following in the footsteps of his father and uncle. Raised in Currituck County, Larry came by his "high tider" accent naturally. He was active in all types of sports, playing basketball and football along with all the usual water sport activities that Currituck Sound had to offer. Read more!